Slush Company Analysis: Technologies in Use - Slush vs. Finland

Nov 29, 2016

Miikka Jokela

I can tell you that 70% of Slush Companies are using Google Analytics, and that 34,7% have built their website on WordPress. But below you can see how Slush companies compare to traditional Finnish companies:

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Future of Marketing - Algorithms will know what content works in real time

Jun 29, 2016

Erika Granath

I work with marketing – today that means that I’ve a responsibility when it comes to producing the material I think my company’s target group finds engaging. It’s also my job to spread our content to this group of people. Soon algorithms might do this job for me.

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60 seconds to shine

May 25, 2016

Jesse Persoon

Exactly one week ago Vainu attended its first official startup event in the Netherlands, the Startup Competition organized by Dell for Entrepreneurs and The Next Web. Before joining Vainu 2 months ago, I had the honor to work for Dell so of course I was aware of what their event could offer – something that startups like ours truly need.

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3 reasons why you should get out of your comfort zone and join a startup

Jan 15, 2016

August von Sydow

No one reading this blog can possibly have missed that Vainu is growing like crazy. We are currently looking for new colleagues in almost all positions we have today – as well as a few new ones. Only doubling during 2016 would be a failure for us – we’re looking for more growth!

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5 simple things all companies can learn from Slush startups

Nov 12, 2015

Mikko Honkanen

This week Helsinki is the focal point for the global startup community. Slush, the leading Nordic startup event, brings more than 1700 startups and 15.000 attendees together in Helsinki.

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Why it's ideal to join Vainu right now

Oct 13, 2015

Joel Vainiomäki

During the month of September we officially launched our international operations, not only by gaining some of our first international customers, but also by starting to recruit international talent. With this in mind we will start publishing blogs, both in English and Swedish, which will be steered towards our future international customers and employees. This first one will discuss why it's ideal to join the Vainu-journey right now.

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