Timing: The Sales Skill That Helps You Bring Your A-game in Business

Aug 17, 2017

Erika Granath

Nothing is harder to sell around than a prospect being unwilling or not ready to buy. A company that ticks every box in your Ideal Customer Profile doesn’t hold weight if the decision maker isn’t in a position to sign a deal with you now.

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Topics: Big Data, Sales Prospecting, B2B Sales, Sales Signals

More Actionable Leads With Vainu’s Improved Ability To Track Sales Signals

Feb 7, 2017

Mikaela Hallenberg

You no longer need a Magic 8-Ball in order to contact prospects at the right time. Vainu.io is about to launch a new feature that allows you to stay up to date with all important changes in your target companies. On February 13th, we're launching a limited beta version of Vainu's soon-to-be core feature. This update is the first sneak peek of Vainu's next major release-to-come on April 1st.

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Topics: Vainu, Sales Signals