Sales Process: The Ultimate 7-Step Guide for Creating One

Nov 20, 2018

Juuso Helander

A successful B2B salesperson is an expert in handling uncertainty and one needs to have a stable sales process to succeed. In this blog, we'll introduce you to an outbound sales process taught at Vainu Sales Academy.

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Maximize Every Step of The Sales Process With Insights From Open Data

Mar 23, 2017

Erika Granath

The Internet has shifted the balance of power in sales. Traditionally, salespeople used to be the ones with access to most information — nowadays, well-read customers are more selective and critical when accepting a meeting with a sales rep.

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Kickstarting your sales process? Here's how to prospect

Mar 20, 2017

Erika Granath

Prospecting is seldom the favorite part of the sales process. It’s often considered hard and time consuming. In fact, prospecting was identified as the hardest part of the sales process in HubSpot’s State of Inbound Sales Report.

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