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This is How a SaaS Company Should Enter the Nordic Market

Apr 19, 2017

Mikko Luhtava

We’ve seen tons of SaaS companies enter the EMEA market with an office in Dublin, Amsterdam or the UK. But how about the Nordics? With a digital background, widespread use of modern technologies, strong English skills, and the most unicorn startups in the world, the Nordic market should be on every SaaS company’s radar.

Based on our experiences acquiring over 1,100 customers in the Nordics in under three years, here’s our quick guide to taking over the market.

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Topics: SaaS, B2B Sales, Internationalization

10 Questions and Answers to Help You Expand Your Business to Sweden

Dec 9, 2016

Miikka Jokela

We held a webinar on how to expand your business to Sweden - with a focus on Finnish companies planning to enter the market. Due to the abundance of questions from our 100+ attendees, we were unable to answer them all during the session. Instead, we've answered some of the top questions along with the unanswered ones below, in a Top10 Q&A list.

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Topics: B2B Sales, Internationalization