The Numbers that Prove Quality Eats Quantity for Breakfast in Modern Sales

Mar 9, 2017

Erika Granath

For a long time, we’ve been told that sales is a numbers game. Lately, many people have started to question this belief by arguing that quality is more important than the actual quantitative numbers in the sales equation.

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Topics: Data, B2B Sales

Upselling through Customer Analysis Using Both Internal and External Data

Feb 17, 2017

Joel Vainiomäki

Growth or revenue creation can be fueled by two mediums: selling to a new customer or selling to an existing customer. We’ve written about using data and analytics when prospecting and selling to new customers, but how does it translate when selling to existing customers?

Upselling to customers has traditionally had an unpalatable nuance to it. The sole objective has been to get the customer to buy more. I can’t help but think of that car salesman who’s aggressively overselling that 4-door executive saloon, packaged in full options, when your only need is to get from place a to b. Knowing your customer in and out is what separates a pleasant buying experience from an unpleasant one.

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Topics: Data, Open Data, Big Data

5 Reasons for Working in a Data-Driven Manner with Inbound and Outbound

Oct 14, 2016

Erika Granath

Today, the fastest growing companies in the world are doing both outbound and inbound. 

Hubspot, Zenefits, Zendesk, Salesforce, Box and also we at Vainu are all examples of companies working with what we call smartbound, a data driven combination of inbound and outbound.

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Topics: Data, Outbound

Future of Marketing - Algorithms will know what content works in real time

Jun 29, 2016

Erika Granath

I work with marketing – today that means that I’ve a responsibility when it comes to producing the material I think my company’s target group finds engaging. It’s also my job to spread our content to this group of people. Soon algorithms might do this job for me.

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Topics: Startup, B2B Marketing, Data