We know, video does take some extra time and effort to produce, especially in the beginning. However, the return on investment makes it well worth the sweat.

With that said, not every story is meant to be presented as video. It's a compliment to - not a replacement of - other content types. Save your video production for the stories that include important visual elements that can bring extra value to the story. Facts heavy information with lots of stats is presented better in text.  

That’s why this blog post is a text – not a video.

4 reasons your company should produce video:

1. It’s highly competitive. There’s so much content out there, at the same time people’s attention span is rapidly decreasing. 

You can fit in a lot of information in a 30 sec video. The likelihood that a person will watch this video is much higher than the chance that he or she will read a 500-word blog post.

2. Great brand building. There are tons of tiny moments in your daily life as a business that people would love to get to see (yes see – not just hear or read about). These moments show your human side and build your brand and its trust.

New Call-to-action

Video helps both prospects, customers and possible future employees and partners to get to know you better than any other form of online content.

3. Outstanding ROI! I’ll let the stats talk for themselves:
- 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video, a prediction by Syndacast. 
- 73% of B2B Marketers say video positively impacts marketing ROI, Tubular Insights.
- The open rate increases with 19% if you include the word “video” in your email subject line according to Hubspot, at the same time the click-through goes up by 65% and the unsubscribes reduces by 26%.

4. It’s really not that hard! You’re not competing for an Oscars statuette. Your smartphone is a good enough video camera, actually good sound is more important than a perfect image. Choose a quiet place, have fun and get started.

Good luck!

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