4 Must-Knows to Become a Mindful (and Successful) Salesperson

Apr 27, 2018

Erika Granath

When some people imagine sales, they think it’s like the film The Wolf of Wall Street, where people with sharp elbows will do whatever it takes to make the sale. You as a salesperson know this is far from the truth. You don’t have to be a wolf to be a premier salesperson. In fact, you should often be the opposite.

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How Sales Intelligence Helps Salespeople be More Timely

Apr 12, 2018

Erika Granath

Imagine picking up the phone for a cold call, getting the right decision maker on the line, delivering your sales pitch and then hearing this: “Thanks for calling, your timing is great! We’re just in the need of what you’re offering. Tell me more.”

This little dream scenario might sound silly here, however, the idea of reaching out to a company that can clearly benefit from your offer just as they’ve seen an increased need for your product or service can definitely happen. And, it’s not just about getting lucky.

You will have a significantly better timing in your sales outreach and win more deals when you

  1. Include the right buying signals in your Ideal Customer Profile, and
  2. Find out how you can (use a sales intelligence platform to) track these relevant changes that reveal a window of opportunity in your target accounts.

How? We'll tell you that in this article.

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Pros and Cons of Sales Prospecting using Insights from Firmographic Data

Apr 3, 2018

Mikko Honkanen

A company’s industry, number of employees or location doesn’t reveal much about its needs and interests. This type of company information is often referred to as firmographics. It has significant value to salespeople who target companies in a specific industry or a chosen size-range as it allows them to quickly filter promising prospects out of a longer list of potential customers. However, firmographic data doesn’t reveal enough details about a company's organization and current situation to help you find those hidden gems you should go after right now.

If you’re a salesperson in forefront you combine firmographics, technographics (data showing a company’s online profile and technical tool-box, etc.) and insights from buying signals when sales prospecting.

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Operation Blacksmith - Stronger than the Winter Storm

Mar 27, 2018

Sarah Beth Tyrey

It’s that time of year again for another round of Project Blacksmith! If you’ve been following Vainu, you may remember our Blacksmith Program from one of our previous blog posts. The purpose of the meetup is for internal development, as members from each Vainu office (New York, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, and Amsterdam) come together to share ideas and learn alongside each other. This particular Blacksmith took place in the Tech Hub that is Dublin, Ireland, and was truly unlike any other. While we were there, Dublin experienced a snowstorm that shut down the entire city! We heard from the locals that there hadn’t been a snowstorm like this in Ireland for at least the past 20 years.

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All You Need to Know About Account-Based Sales

Mar 22, 2018

Erika Granath

After decades of hunch-based, adrenaline-fueled cold calling and Hail-Mary revenue generation, we’ve recently entered an entirely new era. An era steered by intelligent, laser-targeted prospecting, tuned by personalization and driven by data.

Thanks to new technological innovations, a relatively old business selling model has become more common lately: the account-based sales model. With the use of sales intelligence, companies can now more efficiently than ever before discover the most viable accounts based on a wide range of criteria and create a tailored sales and marketing strategy for them.

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Win More Deals With Sales Intelligence

Mar 14, 2018

Erika Granath

You probably haven’t missed the term sales intelligence. But just because most people have heard about it, doesn’t mean that the majority of sales professionals are using enough sales intelligence. In fact, most don’t, and those who do often don't use sales intelligence from enough resources.

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