I work with marketing – today that means that I’ve a responsibility when it comes to producing the material I think my company’s target group finds engaging. It’s also my job to spread our content to this group of people. Soon algorithms might do this job for me.

We do a lot of live A/B testing at Vainu. In a nearby future algorithms will be able to tell us what content works and what doesn’t, in real time.

”In the AdTech industry, I don’t think humans will take the critical descisions in the future.” Magnus Villson, CTO, Bannerflow, said during an AdTech meetup Bannerflow arranged recently.

He continued:

“We’ll soon be able to shop algorithms that solve any of our company’s problems in the same way that we today can shop an app in App-Store to solve almost every problem we have.” 

Algorithms have existed for about thousand years. An algorithm is a group of instructions of how to solve a given task. During the last decades the possibilities with algorithms have increased tremendously – a lot in consistency with the exponential growth of data capacity according to Moore's law.

Moore's law means, slightly simplified, that data doubles every 18th month. This has been the way since we started to measure data capacity in the 50s. And this is predicted to be the way things continue until we reach singularity and computers get self-aware. (But no worries – most scientists believe that it will be less chaotic than in Terminator 3…)  

“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads – that sucks.”  Jeff Hammerbacher said in an interview I listened to recently.

Hammerbacher, known as Facebook’s “data guard” lead Facebook’s data-team until 2008 when he quit to start Cloudera together with two friends from Yahoo and Google.

His quote is just one more quote telling us what we by now should have understood – the way companies do marketing is changing rapidly.  Most companies can make great improvements by getting up to speed with the latest technology and we’ve even more possibilities to expect from coming inventions. That's why the companies that don't take part in this new marketing era soon will see how they fall far behind their competitors.

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