To maintain your customers and keep them happy you have to understand them. With data you can keep up to date with what’s going on with your customers and react fast if something changes in their organization.

Your CS team should for example know if any of your customers goes through an acquisition, makes changes in it's leadershis or is forced to do some downsizings. 

We at Vainu have a service made for continuous use. Therefore it’s important that all decision makers know and value our solution. If for example one of our customers is acquired, it can directly reflect on how they use our software. By being alert and getting in touch with the new decision makers our CS team has the chance to expand in the new organization. If we’re not aware of a change like this there’s a risk of us losing the customer altogether.

“Knowing changes in your customer’s organization in time can mean the difference between keeping or expanding a customer and losing them for good.”

Anne, Vainu’s Customer Success Manager, explains how data can help your CS team reach better results: 

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