Did you also spend more time on the beach, catching Pokémons or reading books this summer than you did producing great content for your company? 

Now August is here. Most people are back at the office. It’s time to get up to speed with your content marketing production in order to build both your personal and your company’s brand, trust and network.

Here are 5 tips on how you get started with your content marketing production after the summer:

1. Evaluate – What did you do before the summer? How was the ROI, return on investment, on the content creating efforts you did? Simply do more of what worked and cut down on the job that didn’t pay back.
2. Go back to your archives – I’m not talking about republishing old content pieces. To get the first posts out there sooner rather than later, see if you have some old blog posts you can give new life with a few quick updates.  
3. Think new – Use the energy you got from all the vitamin D this summer to get started with a project you’ve been thinking about doing for a while. Before the summer it’s easy to lack time or the right motivation to implement new blog series, content types or ways of working on your site – now is the perfect time to start.
4. Stop aiming for perfection – Done is better than perfect. Quality is still king – but don’t spend forever polishing your blog post, finalize it.
5. Talk about what you think is fun – (No, I don’t mean you should rant about cute kittens.) It’s easier to produce content on a subject you enjoy and know well. To get the first post, video or podcast of the season live, make it easy for yourself – pick a subject you enjoy.

Remember, sharing is caring. Great content is nothing without great reach.

Good luck!

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