Two rapidly growing Finnish tech startups, Vainu and Leadfeeder, today announce an integration that will enable the lead generation companies to provide even better sales insights for their international customers.

Last week Leadfeeder announced further focused expansion in Sweden resulting in a 300% rise in trials from Sweden in March. Meanwhile Vainu has opened new offices in Stockholm and Amsterdam and keeps up the 15% monthly growth.

Leadfeeder’s innovative approach to online lead generation has caught the public’s attention during the past 12 months and the tool has featured in notable publications like The Next Web, Computer Weekly and Kissmetrics.

Vainu – a 1.5-year-old tech startup of already 50 people – has developed a B2B sales software that helps companies prospect and sell smarter. The software enriches company databases by analysing external signals from the web, making sure that you never miss a lead again.

Head of partnerships at Leadfeeder, Jaakko Paalanen, sees a bright future for the companies:

“Both solutions are helping modern sales organisations be in the right place at the right time and naturally complement each other. Several prominent customers have been asking for an integration, so we decided to build an effortless integration that enables easy data flow in both directions.”

The integration means that Vainu automatically creates target groups from the companies that Leadfeeder shows have visited your website. You can easily follow these companies in Vainu and get notified whenever there’s an interesting sales possibility.

In the future Vainu’s data will be shown in Leadfeeder to enrich company information, which will help users to better understand which companies are the most potential customers for them.

Mikko Honkanen, COO and Co-Founder of Vainu, thinks the cooperation will have a synergistic effect:

“For a long time we have been using each other’s services and many of our customers are using both tools. It was pretty clear that there was a need for an easy integration for our tools and with that the collaboration was very natural. We are going to start off with trying and testing out the integration with our mutual customers and after that expand to all of our users.”

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