There are 10 types of sales tools that are mandatory for salesperson to be acquainted with. One of these, Sales Intelligence Tools, refer to a wide range of technologies that help salespeople find, monitor and understand data that provides insights into prospects’ and existing clients’ daily business.

These insights help you as a salesperson find and identify potential new customers that fit your ideal customer profile. In other words, these insights help you with your sales prospecting.

No matter how skilled in pitching you are, it’s always challenging to deliver a tailored offer to each company you contact, close sales, nurture leads and move leads along the sales funnel. This is especially true for when you're talking to companies that either don’t have a clear use for your product or where the timing to purchase is completely off.

Sales intelligence and sales prospecting technology works around the clock to collect and make sense of company information from millions of data sources. This technology allows salespeople to conduct pointed searches for companies with a specific set of up-to-date data-points, including both firmographic and technographic data as well as buying signals.

Most vendors also come with notification features, alerting you of organizational changes that can open up a window of opportunity for you as a salesperson within one of your target accounts. These notifications can also inform you about when a new company falls into the description of your ideal customer profile.

This blog post is an extended version of the second chapter of our eBook The best Sales Tools and Technologies. In this article, we've listed 10 extra strong sales intelligence tools. This to help you find the right alternative for your business.

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The Top 10 Sales Intelligence Tools in 2019

  1. Vainu
  2. Datanyze
  3. Detective by Charlie
  4. Datafox
  5. Discoverorg
  6. Crystalknows
  7. Eversting
  8. Sales Navigation by LinkedIn
  9. Insideview
  10. Zoominfo


A number of business-critical signals occur within your prospect accounts on a daily basis. Vainu aggregates thousands of new signals every day, sending users daily and weekly alerts on the signals that are most likely to have an impact on one’s existing sales process. These signals can be, for example, decision maker changes, new company initiatives, funding rounds, product launches, or relevant new job openings.


Datanyze is a robust sales intelligence and sales prospecting application for web technology companies. The app’s discovery tool continuously evaluates millions of websites to find out what technologies are being used. Datanyze has integrated with third party solutions like CrunchBase, Jigsaw, and LinkedIn to provide information about contacts and leads directly in the web app. Customers can also access Datanyze’s information from their accounts. Datanyze is nowadays part of DiscoverOrg.

Detective by Charlie

Detective by Charlie hooks up with your calendar app and sends you a one-pager of all the people you’re having meetings with. The app pulls data from hundreds of different online sources, such as major social media platforms.


DataFox helps industry-leading businesses take control of customer insights with CRM Orchestration. Users can build and track their pipeline with hard-to-find data from over 40 different data fields on over 2 million companies. Datafox is nowadays part of Oracle.

DiscoverOrg includes organizational charts and information about new projects and initiatives. Their database collects a big portion of its data by interviewing and researching companies systematically a few times each year.


ChrystalKnows helps salespeople adapt their communication style based on the buyer’s personality. The solution is based on the DISC assessment that relies on four primary personality types: dominant, influential, steady, and calculating. They mainly gather data from email discussions and public social media profiles.


EverString’s AI SaaS solution for B2B sales and marketing professionals aims to help drive pipeline growth, find customers, expand into new markets, prioritize accounts, and provide actionable insights.

Sales Navigation by LinkedIn

Most salespeople use LinkedIn, but only some utilize LinkedIn’s paid premium offering, Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator makes it easy to build prospect lists based on decision makers’ job titles and responsibilities. Users can also monitor relevant discussions, allowing salespeople to find more meaningful ways to engage with both existing and new contacts.


InsideView’s aim is to position itself as a modern company database that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, specifically. In addition to basic company and people data, InsideView provides news mentions and social media feeds of companies.


A comprehensive B2B database with over 9 million companies and over 200 million people from 100 different countries. ZoomInfo gathers contact information mainly by utilizing the email contacts of their free community that currently has more than 500,000 members. ZoomInfo is nowadays part of DiscoverOrg.

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Most of these platforms integrate smoothly with common CRM vendors. One of the trends among these vendors seems to be an understanding of prospects’ intent. Algorithms process huge amounts of public, open and social data to uncover buying intent so that sales teams can reach out to the right companies at the right time.

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