Smartbound - Combining Inbound and Outbound Sales Prospecting

Dec 3, 2018

Erika Granath

During outbound’s period of greatness, the sales department at pretty much every company outnumbered the marketing department by far. As inbound grew stronger, marketing departments did the same and some companies came to only trust inbound activities to drive business to the company.

Today, the fastest growing companies in the world are doing both outbound and inbound, the frontrunners combining these two processes with a strong data-driven approach.

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USE CASE: Machine Learning infused sales solution for Telia

Nov 22, 2018

Juuso Helander

Vainu has initiated a collaboration with Telia to develop a new B2B sales solution enabling Telia to prioritize the most fruitful accounts according to available data. The innovation involves machine learning and the use of both Telia's internal data and Vainu's company database.

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Sales Process: The Ultimate 7-Step Guide to Creating One That Works

Nov 20, 2018

Juuso Helander

A successful B2B salesperson is an expert in handling uncertainty and one needs to have a stable sales process to succeed. In this blog, we'll introduce you to an outbound sales process taught at Vainu Sales Academy.

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These are the Sales Prospecting KPIs Your Business Should Focus On

Nov 1, 2018

Erika Granath

The most successful sales organizations are the ones working systematically. To do that you have to have clearly defined goals, KPIs, and relentlessly measure and monitor how your sales and marketing efforts contribute to help you reach them.

This is why performance sales development teams have well thought out KPIs that are being tracked daily, weekly and monthly.

With modern technology, the question is not what you can measure, but what you benefit from measuring. Following the right metrics will help you as a sales executive evaluate the performance of your team and steer them in the right future direction. Measuring the wrong or additional metrics will simply take precious time away from the things that matter.

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6 B2B Sales Trends to Watch in 2019

Oct 22, 2018

Mikko Honkanen

Predicting the future trends in B2B sales is becoming an annual tradition here at Vainu. This is already the fourth time when we sat down together and discussed what’s happening in this space. In the previous years, we've accurately predicted the rise of micro-targeting, sales automation and the explosive growth of AI-powered sales tools.

There are also trends that we missed such as conversational marketing which got a lot of coverage in industry blogs this year and was quickly adopted in different parts of the world. This time, it was fairly easy to put together a short list of 15 sales trends but much harder to narrow it down to the list of final six. But here they are:

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20 Sales Prospecting Tools That Help You Surface the Right Accounts for Your Business

Oct 1, 2018

Erika Granath

Prospecting used to mean purchasing a static lists of prospects from one of the many vendors out there offering these.

In today’s hyper-competitive sales landscape static lists based only on basic firmographics don’t cut it for salespeople who aim for strong sales figures (don’t we all?). High-performers within sales use dynamic data and more data-points provided in a smart sales prospecting platform when looking for new accounts to approach with their offer.

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